Jordan University of Science and Technology

Driving under Influence of Alcohol Preventer Embedded System

Authors:  Sayel M. Fayyad, Suleiman Abu-Ein, Qusai Abuein, Ghazi Al-Marahleh and Nasr Al-Kloub

This work pres e n t s a c o n trol sys tem to prevent accidents of automobiles becaus e of drinking, it cons is ts of alcohol sensor in t e rfa c e d with microchip microcontroller PIC 16F877A as input device, GPS transmitter, relays to deal with e le c t rical pump, and flasher light, as output devices. GPS transmitter send a signal as unknown point to GPS receiver in the police station and by software and an alarm will turn on t o o . To s imu late this a PIC 16F877A interfaced is used with the alcohol sensor as input and LCD LM016L to give the percen t o f a lco h o l amount, DC-Motor to indicate about electrical pump, LEDs to s imulate flasher light, and mobile p h o n e c onnected to the PIC to send SMS to another mobile as GPS simulator, this devices act as output as a simulator to the real automobile.