Jordan University of Science and Technology

Competitive adsorption of nickel and cadmium on sheep manure wastes: experimental and prediction studies

Authors:  Fahmi A. Abu Al-Rub, Munther Kandah and Naser Al-Dabaybeh

Sheep manure wastes (SMW) previously have been shown to be very efficient in removing nickel and cadmium from single-component, dilute aqueous solutions. Simultaneous removal of nickel and cadmium ions from aqueous solutions usingSMWhas been investigated in this study. The experimental results showed that the SMW has a relatively higher affinity for cadmium binding than that for nickel. Different multicomponentisotherm models; extended Langmuir, modified Langmuir, extended Redlich?Peterson, and extended Sips isotherm models, were used to predict the removal of either ions using single metal isotherm data.