Jordan University of Science and Technology

Capacity analysis of dual-hop wireless communication systems over Alpha-Mu fading channels


Amer M. Magableh, Taimour Aldalgamouni, Nemah M. Jafreh

In this paper, we consider a dual hop wireless communication system with a non-regenerative relay and study its performance over the Alpha-Mu fading channel. Specifically, we derive closed-form expressions for the moment generating function (MGF), the cumulative distribution function (CDF), and the probability density function (PDF) of the harmonic mean of the end-to-end signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) assuming the ??? fading model. We also derive closed-form expressions for the end-to-end capacity and outage capacity of the system herein. The obtained expressions can be reduced to study the performance of dual hop communication systems over other fading channel models by using the proper values for the ? and ? parameters, such as Rayleigh, Nakagami-m, and Weibull fading models. Numerical results are provided for the obtained expressions and conclusion remarks are drawn.