Jordan University of Science and Technology

Scaling informal learning at the workplace: A model and four designs from a large-scale design-based research effort

    Tobias Ley, John Cook, Sebastian Dennerlein, Milos Kravcik, Christine Kunzmann, Kai Pata, Jukka Purma, John Sandars, Patricia Santos, Andreas Schmidt, Mohammad Al?Smadi, Christoph Trattner

Workplace learning happens in work processes in the context of work, is multi episodic, often informal, problem based and takes place on a just in time basis. While this is a very effective means of delivery, it also does not scale very well beyond the immediate context. We review three types of technologies that have been suggested to scale learning and three connected theoretical discourses around learning and its support. Based on an in-depth analysis of the challenges of two workplace learning domains, Healthcare and Building and Construction, four design-based research projects were conducted that have given rise to designs for scaling informal learning with technology. These projects also contributed to a model that provides an integrative view on three informal learning processes at work and how they can be supported with technology.