Jordan University of Science and Technology

Traffic Accidents Trends and Characteristics in Jordan

Authors:  Bashar Al-Omari, Ghuzlan, K.A., Hala Hasan

Road traffic accidents are considered among the leading causes of death locally and globally. In Jordan, road traffic accidents were responsible for about 4.5% of fatalities during the year 2007 and were ranked as the third cause of death in the country during the year 2010. Jordan suffers from a serious traffic accidents problem that must get more attention from the decision makers. A total of 1,040,112 accidents have occurred over the study period (1998-2010) with an average of 80,008 accidents/year. Traffic accidents in Jordan were continuously increasing over the study period as a result of continuous increase in population and auto ownership represented by the motorization level (number of registered vehicles/1000 population). This study has utilized the traffic accidents data in Jordan for thirteen years period to mainly investigate their trends and characteristics over that period. Based on the available data, traffic accidents were analyzed considering several variables including accident type, driver age, speed limit, time of the day, day of the week, month of the year, weather condition, pavement surface condition, and severity level.