Jordan University of Science and Technology

Omeprazole and Semen Quality.

Authors:  Banihani SA.

A number of studies have linked omeprazole, a commonly used acid reducer under the brand name Prilosec, with semen quality. This MiniReview systematically addresses and summarizes the effect of omeprazole on semen quality, and male infertility. We searched the MEDLINE electronic database for English-language articles using the keywords 'omeprazole' versus 'sperm' and 'testosterone' and the references from selected articles were reviewed, if relevant. In summary, omeprazole does not appear to change semen quality. This may be because, at least in part, it does not alter the basal levels of pituitary-gonadal hormones; in addition, it counteracts the damaging effect of reactive oxygen species. However, further research is still required to confirm this effect.