Jordan University of Science and Technology

Cloudlet-based for Big Data Collection in Body Area Networks

Authors:  Muhannad Quwaider and Yaser Jararweh

This paper presents a large scale BANs system in the presence of cloudlet-based data collection. The objective is to minimize end-to-end packet cost by dynamically choosing data collection to the cloud using cloudlet based system. The goal is to have the monitored data of BANs to be available to the end user or to the service provider in reliable manner. While reducing packet-to-cloud energy, the proposed work also attempts to minimize the end-to-end packet delay by choosing dynamically a neighbor cloudlet, so that the overall delay is minimized. Then, it will lead to have the monitored data in the cloud in real time manner. Note that, in the absence of network congestions in low data-rate BANs, the storage delays due to data collection manner are usually much larger compared to the congestion delay.