Jordan University of Science and Technology

Comprehensive Study on Information Retrieval: Arabic Document Indexing

Authors:  Ismail Hmeidi
Hisham A. Shehadeh
Abdalrhman A. Almodawar
Mustafa M. Daraghmeh

There are many hot topics related to information retrieval paradigm, and one of these important fields is Automatic text indexing that aims to make process of online retrieving documents easier for the web searchers. In this paper we intend to introduced a comprehensive study on Indexing Arabic Documents, since there have been little works deals with. The introduced papers here addressed this problem from deferent views, some deals with single-term indexing while others deal with phrase indexing, other researchers made comparisons between different techniques and gave us preferability to one against others based on some experimental results. On the other hand, some papers proposed new technique or made some enhancements on existing ones either depends on statistical or un-statistical methods. The rest of papers proposed tools as key-terms extractors to be used in text indexing. Till now there are no optimal suggested solutions that solve the indexing problem that could be considered as standard mechanism