Jordan University of Science and Technology

Automobile Functions Control System via Bluetooth Utility

Authors:  Qusai Abuein, Suleiman Abu-Ein, Sayel M. Fayyad and  Ghazi Al-Marahleh

This paper presents a design of an Intelligent - Low Cost Car Control System using Bluetooth Technology; this design enables the end-user to control different functions so that it can be controlled quickly and accurately using his own cellular phone as he/she connects it with the hand free Bluetooth device. The functions can be freely selected and each can get its own mechanism based on a microcontroller program. Up to nine separated functions can be controlled each with two switching keys, these functions include starting the engine, windows controlling in both directions, center lock, lights and alarm system, stereo system, and any other functions. The proposed system is reliable, robust and adjustable through all its designed parts to insure the maximum comfortability of the user. Protues and C language are used here to make the required simulation.