Jordan University of Science and Technology

The performance and behaviour of dual edge triggered flip-flops in nanotechnology

Authors:  Abdoul Rjoub, Muna M Al-Durrah

The influence of the nanotechnology on the most frequent used dual edge trigger flip-flops (DET-FF) is presented in this paper. The performance and behavioural of those flip-flops are discussed and analysed analytically. Simulation results show that each time scaling down the SPICE parameters, some of the tested flip-flops did not work properly; it seems that the structure of the transistors and the internal nodes of those flip-flops using low supply voltage under nanotechnology are the main barrier to operate properly. A new low power, high speed DET-FF based on transmission gate is proposed as efficient DET-FF at the end of this paper, using 45 nm SPICE parameters, simulation results show that the proposed DET-FF has low power and high speed at low supply voltage.