Jordan University of Science and Technology

Controlling Automobile Functions by the Phone as an Embedded System


Suleiman Abu-Ein, Sayel M. Fayyad, Qusai Abu-Ein,

This paper presents a full demonstration to use a mobile phone as a control tool to specifically most important automobiles function which can provide safety, saving time and even provide comfort to the individual owner. The door locks, locking or unlocking, opening and closing the driver window, starting and stopping the engine, and finally turning the air conditioning on and off. By using two regular mobile phones, the code is sent by a DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) from the owner mobile to the automobile's mobile, in each phone there's a 12 separated keys, each has a specific tone, which analyzed by the DTMF regulator, the controller then sends its commands to the different necessary parts to do the specific function required.