Jordan University of Science and Technology

Verifying Hadith Correctness in Islamic Web Pages using Information Retrieval Techniques

Authors:  Mohammed Shatnawi, Qusai Abuein and Omar Darwish

Certain types of web information need to be verified for correctness once being posted on the web (i.e. the information has a reference that cannot be tampered with). Such these types of information need systems in order to verify and assure their correctness. ?The Hadith?; which is the sayings of Prophet Mohammad is an example of these types of information. Hadith in Islam is a very important tool to understand Qur?an, and in matter of Islamic law. This paper presents a reliable method to extract Hadith text from web pages, in order to find out the degree of correctness for each one; by looking it up in Sheikh Al- Albani Hadith Database (correct series and weak series) which contains 17000+Hadeeth texts and their degrees of correctness according to Sheikh Al-Albani studies. The proposed approach uses positional index built over the Sheikh Al- Albani Hadith Database (SAHDB) and extracts Hadith terms as queries from the passed web page, and execute these queries over SAHDB index.