Jordan University of Science and Technology

A New Fine-Grained Multithreaded Game Engine Approach

Authors:  Hassan Najadat, Yasser M. Jaffal, Basel A. Mahafzah, Safwan S. Al-Omar

Fine-grained multithreaded applications are becoming more vital as new processing hardware is moving towards larger number of pro- cessing cores per CPU. The increased number of cores facilitate per- formance enhancement of real-time applications including computer games. In this paper, we present a new design for a multithreaded game engine which incorporates multithreading each game engine component separately using data decomposition. Our approach suggests maintaining sequential game loop to avoid major changes on current single-threaded game engines. Experimental results have shown a maximum relative speedup of 3.36 and a maximum relative e?ciency of 84%, which are achieved on 4-core CPU, in addition to component-level enhancements, which re?ects high utilization of the multi-core platform