Jordan University of Science and Technology

Awassi Sheep Production Systems and Reproductive Performance: An Experience from the Middle East.

Authors:  Kridli, R. T., Abdullah, A. Y., Rousan, L. M., & Gonzalez-Bulnes, A.

Jordan is a predominantly semi-arid country. Most of the land is uncultivable and can only be used for grazing small ruminants. The Awassi fat-tailed sheep are the native breed of sheep in Jordan. This breed is popular for several reasons, such as their adaptability to difficult ecosystems, their milk production and having a beef with good features and good taste. The sheep industry in Jordan faces many challenges, the most important is the shortage of water, which leads to low availability of fodder and a rise in food prices. Despite the difficulties, efforts are made to improve productivity by selecting Awassi sheep, veterinary care, evaluation of alternative power sources and hormonal treatments to improve their fertility and fecundity. This study emphasizes the main research conducted in Awassi sheep in Jordan over the past decade with a special emphasis on reproductive performance.