Jordan University of Science and Technology

Effect of captopril on semen quality.

Authors:  Banihani SA

Various studies (direct and indirect) have presented the effect of captopril, a universally used antihypertensive medication, on semen quality; yet, this effect is still collectively unreviewed. This review systematically discusses and summarises the effect of captopril on semen quality. We searched all published articles in the MEDLINE electronic database since June 1985 until January 2016 using the keywords "captopril" and "sperm," and certain supporting articles were reviewed and considered, if relevant. In conclusion, up to the present time, captopril does not appear to induce a striking change in semen quality, and hence on male infertility, while it may affect the rate of spermatozoa-egg fusion as it inhibits the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme that is released during capacitation and the acrosome reaction. Further research, mainly clinical, is still desired to prove these effects.