Jordan University of Science and Technology

Epidemiology of Nonfatal Injuries Among Schoolchildren

Mohammed ALBashtawy, RN, MPH, PhD,
Khetam Al-Awamreh, RN, PhD, Huda Gharaibeh, RN, PhD, Manal Al-Kloub, RN, PhD, Abdul-Monim Batiha, PhD, RN, Fadwa Alhalaiqa, RN, CNS, PhD, and Shereen Hamadneh, PhD, RN

Nonfatal injuries are considered as one of the major public health hazards affecting schoolchildren, and the majority of these injuries occur at school or in the home. A cross-sectional study was conducted over a period of 3 months, March?May 2015. The participants were 4,355 Jordanian schoolchildren in Grades 7?12. The Pearson w2 test was computed, and the odds ratio was used to determine the magnitude of various risk factors for nonfatal injuries among schoolchildren. The overall incidence of nonfatal injury was 33.9%. The group most likely to sustain nonfatal injuries was boys, aged 12?15, in Grade 7, whose parents had a low level of education or a high family income. Injury prevention in schools and at homes is a cornerstone for protection or reducing the incidence of injuries. School nurses have a duty to follow up and examine the accident reports and evaluate whether safety policies are applied and are effective in different school settings. Furthermore, health and education authorities should develop a national program for preventing injuries.