Jordan University of Science and Technology

Are Physicians Ready to Utilize Genomics to Achieve Personalized Practice and What Do They Desire to Have in a Patient Genomic Information System?

Authors:  Amal Alzu'bi
Leming Zhou
Valerie Watzlaf

Applying genomics in the clinical practice has the potential to facilitate personalized medicine. Physicians play a key role in this process since they are the ones who decide whether or not to use genomic information in their clinical practice. This study aims to determine the current status of physicians in using genomics in their clinical practices and to identify the desired features of a patient genomic information management system. A questionnaire-based study of 32 physicians was conducted to collect the research data. The results showed that most physicians are willing and ready to incorporate genomics into their clinical practice but need necessary support or tools to do that. A patient genomic information system was created accordingly and all the desired features identified in this study were incorporated into the system. A usability study on the system indicated that all participating physicians could easily finish the assigned tasks in the system and were satisfied with the system.