Jordan University of Science and Technology

Semen quality as affected by olive oil

Authors:  Saleem Ali Banihani

Various studies have investigated the effects of olive oil on semen quality and sperm physiology. This review systematically discusses and summarises the link between olive oil and semen quality. To achieve this contribution, we searched the PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and Google scholar databases for articles and reports published in English (as full articles or abstract only) from September 1975 through February 2017 using the key words ?olive oil? and ?sperm?. Certain interrelated articles were also considered. In summary, olive oil appears to preserve semen quality in in vivo systems. This result seems to be applicable in humans, but requires additional confirmation in clinical trials. Meanwhile adding olive oil to seminal fluid in vitro seems not to be favorable to sperm parameters. The mechanisms by which olive oil preserves semen quality are through enhancing gonadal function, reducing the level of oxidative injury and lipid peroxidation, and improving nitric oxide signaling.