Jordan University of Science and Technology

Knowledge and Awareness of CT Radiation Dose and Risk Among Patients

Authors:  Haytham Al Ewaidat, Xiaoming Zheng, Yousef Khader, Kelly Spuur, Mostafa Abdelrahman, Mostafa Khaled Mustafa Alhasan, Zeid A. Al-Hourani

The study aims to assess the level of patients' awareness and knowledge regarding radiation and dosage along with the associated risks from computed tomography (CT) scan. This cross-sectional study used questionnaires, which were distributed to the diagnostic imaging departments of six large local hospitals in Jordan between September 2014 and March 2015. A total of 600 patients completed the questionnaire, out of which, 52.33% of respondents were female and 47.6% male. The findings show insignificant effects of gender on patient's knowledge (P=. 596) and significant effect of employment and profession on positive scores (P=. 000). Similarly, no statistical differences were found between gender and correct answers (P=. 707). This cohort of patients demonstrated a lack of awareness and knowledge about the use of ionizing radiation for diagnostic imaging.