Jordan University of Science and Technology

Characteristics of pregnant Jordanian women dissatis?ed with life: A comparison between satis?ed and dissatis?ed women?s demographics

Authors:  Sanaa Abujilbana, Jamila Abuidhaila, Lina Mrayana, and Reem Hatamlehb

ARTICLE HISTORY Received 18 May 2016 Accepted 28 January 2017 ABSTRACT Dissatis?ed pregnant women who are at higher risk of negative outcomes perinatally have not been identi?ed in Jordan. The purposes of the researchers were to identify and compare sociodemographic characteristics of satis?ed pregnant women with dissatis?ed pregnant women. A non-experimental, descriptive, comparative design was employed. Jordanian pregnant women (n D203) were consecutively selected. We found that younger, better educated pregnant women with a high economic status and a small number of children were more satis?ed with their lives. Practitioners can identify dissatis?ed women and develop an educational and interventional package that focuses on improving satisfaction with life for pregnant mothers.