Jordan University of Science and Technology

Psychosocial burden and stigma perception of Jordanian patients with epilepsy

Authors:  Dalky, Heyam F and Gharaibeh, Huda and Faleh, Reem

Epilepsy requires long-term treatment that interferes with individuals? social relationships. Because the effects of psychosocial burden and stigma perception on patients with epilepsy in Jordan have not been explored, the study assessed the relationship among psychosocial burden, stigma of epilepsy, and demographic variables. Subjects were adult patients with epilepsy (N = 200) registered at hospital clinics. Two published instruments were used to measure outcomes. The participants in the study perceived the burden and stigma of epilepsy as moderate. A strong, positive correlation between psychosocial burden and stigma perception among participants was found. Stigma perception, employment, and education variables explained 31.6% of variation of the level of psychosocial burden. The results showed a relationship between stigma perception and psychosocial level, and this provides information that may assist health care providers in formulating strategic plans to improve the care, safety, and quality of life of patients with epilepsy in Jordan.