Jordan University of Science and Technology

Using a Smartphone Software and a Regular Bicycle to Monitor Pavement Health Statues

Authors:  Amir Shtayat, Sara Moridpour, Berthold Best, Md Shahriar Rumi

Due to the increasing number of vehicles on our roadways, a need for simple, available, fast, and accurate pavement monitoring techniques become necessary and urgent to evaluate and estimate pavement deteriorations. Also, to provide a clear indication about the health status of pavement condition and determining the type and level of pavement distresses. Alter that, applying appropriate maintenance techniques to keep the pavements in high-performance condition. This study focused on evaluating pavement conditions using simple and available monitoring equipment, including a smartphone application and bicycle as a test vehicle to measure pavement vibration along a road segment. Many researchers have studied pavement vibration data; the vibration data indicates the level of riding comfort and severity of surface deteriorations. This study shows that the bicycle is appropriate and capable as a unique test vehicle and the smartphone application has accurate vibration measurements to be used in pavement monitoring.